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Get past all the confusing information you’ve read online and learn the truth about what YOU need to eat to maintain the health of your kidneys if you have chronic kidney disease.

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Since learning you have chronic kidney disease, you have been trying to figure out what to eat, but you can’t make sense out of what you’ve read.  One website says one thing and another website tells you the opposite.  What are you supposed to do?

You want to KNOW instead of having to GUESS what changes to make to your diet.  You want to stop the conflicting information in your mind and start eating the things that will keep your kidneys functioning and improve your overall health.

introducing my

Online CKD Course

This self-paced program will teach you everything you need to know about CKD and diet, so you can finally gain confidence in knowing what to eat for the health of your kidneys.

Who Is The Course For?

This course is for you if you have CKD and you take your health seriously.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with CKD or been told that your kidney function has declined, and you have become afraid of your food, or are confused about what to eat, you’ve come to the right place.  If you want clear education and support, and are willing to do the work it takes to maintain your remaining kidney function, this program is for you.

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Course Format

Module 1: Protein

How excess protein intake affects your kidney function and steps you can take to reduce that effect

Module 2: Ketoanalogues

Learn how to have your protein needs met without further damaging your kidneys.

Module 3: Sodium

Practical suggestions for reducing your sodium intake

Module 4: Phosphorus

Learn how to avoid excess phosphorus intake, which can be damaging to your kidneys.

Module 5: Potassium

End the confusion about potassium for good!

Module 6: Iron and Anemia

Learn what foods and food combinations will increase your iron intake, and what other nutrients you might be missing on a plant-based diet.

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Wish I had worked with her years ago

The process with Heather Smith was excellent. I learned far more than I thought I would from Heather on how to make a positive impact on my health through a lower protein-largely plant based diet. She provided lots of insight from diet changes, to recommendations on probiotics, and supplements to help improve my health. Heather dives into the lab results, analyzes and spends quality time with you on how to improve through many different levers. I generally feel better as well, mentally and physically, in which I am grateful for the experience with Heather. I wish I had started with her years ago… as I would be in a far better place today.

J. M., Kidney Health Clarity Client

Big Burden Lifted

I am certain you could tell that I left your office with a big burden lifted.  The way you analyzed my labs was very helpful, and your reassurance that I’m on the right track makes me much more comfortable. You are a wealth of information, and I greatly appreciate you.

N.C. CKD Client

Clear, concise information

Easy for non-medical person to understand.

C.A. CKD VIP Program Client

Wealth of Information

Heather Smith has been a wealth of information in helping our son Maxwell with a CKD diet plan. She is very knowledgeable in her field. She listens well to her clients and goes above and beyond. Heather is very loving and kind natured and you can truly feel her compassion for others. Our family would highly recommend her to anyone who needs her services! Our family will be with Heather Smith for life!

Stephanie McChesney, CKD VIP Program Client

Improving GFR

My appointment with my nephrologist is upcoming, and I think he will like the improving EFGR, which is probably a direct result of working with YOU. A big blessing!

-W.M., Bluffton, SC

Grateful for your guidance

You literally saved my life and I am forever grateful  I am so pleased with my progress under your guidance!

-R.W., a CKD client

meet your coach

Hi! I’m Heather

I’ve been working with patients who have kidney disease in the dialysis setting for over 6 years, and started seeing patients with CKD in 2021.  Working with dialysis patients gave me a passion to help people with kidney disease before their kidney function declines too far.  Although dialysis is a wonderful, life-saving treatment, it is much better if people with kidney disease can retain their kidney function and not need dialysis.  I’m a registered dietitian and a certified specialist in renal nutrition and have had great success in helping people maintain their kidney function through the use of a whole foods, plant-forward diet.
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